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Sale / Rent house condo
houses for rent chiang mai
condos for rent chiang mai
houses for sale chiang mai
condos for sale chiang mai

หากท่านเป็นเจ้าของบ้าน ที่ดิน คอนโด หรืออสังหาริมทรัพย์อื่นๆ และต้องการให้ Chiangmai RealEstate ทำการตลาดให้ โดยท่านไม่ต้องเสียค่าใช้จ่ายหรือไม่มีข้อผูกมัดใดๆ แต่จะมีค่าใช้จ่ายเกิดขึ้นก็ต่อเมื่อเรามีลูกค้าตกลงทำสัญญาเช่า-ขายเท่านั้น เราขอรับค่าคอมมิชชั่น 1 เดือน ต่อสัญญาเช่า 1 ปี หรือ 3 % เมื่อมีการซื้อ-ขายเกิดขึ้น โดยทางเราจะเป็นผู้ดูแลลูกค้าและดำเนินการเรื่องทำสัญญาให้ทั้งหมด หากท่านสนใจฝากบ้านไว้กับเรา สอบถามรายละเอียดเพื่มเติมโทร 086-4209661 /089-4308454  หรือส่งอีเมล์รูปภาพและรายละเอียดมาที่
If you have a properties for SALE / RENT please do not hesitate to contact us to list your property on our website.May we remind all prospective vendors and landlords that we make no charges for our services until we have successfully completed your sale or lease.For house sales we charge just 3% of the selling and price for rentals our charge is just one months rental per one year contract. Our in house lawyer can also prepare all leases and contracts of sale at competitive prices. For further information please visit our website. Phone call to 086-4209661 /089-4308454  Please email to  /
Product/Service >>> Land for Sale

Land for Sale

Land for Sale,. Land with garden , land with rice field , ChiangMai and Surrounding area. houses for rent chiang mai houses for sale chiang mai condos for rent chiang mai condos for sale chiang mai

Land for sale along Ping River, in Chiangmai city

Code: 001108
Price 120,000.00 THB (Ref. 4,000.00 USD)
It is very rare to find a big peice of land in the heart of city anymore this day.
Land for Sale in ChiangMai, Aumphur. Maetang 15 Rai.

Code: 001090
surrounded by National forest which will ensure it will remain rural and peaceful.
ขายที่ดินช้างคลาน 4 ไร่ 130 ตรว

Code: 001042
ขายที่ดินช้างคลาน 4 ไร่ 130 ตรว
Beautiful  land with mountain views for SALE.

Code: 000980
THB 12,500 / Sqw.
Land 3 Rai 195 Sqw. Great mountain views.
Beautiful Land for sale

Code: 000821
Landsize 279 Rai 113 Sq.wa Location in Meatang,Chiang mai
Land for sale with longgan garden

Code: 000820
3 Rai 52sq.wa
Land For SALE in Mae-Tang :: No-title deed

Code: 000803
THB 40,000/Rai
No-title deed Land For SALE in Mae-Tang Municipality. Land area 27 Rai, 1,600 sq.m.) fruitful with perennial plant.
Land best location for sale

Code: 000684
THB 5,200,000
Full descriptionLand for sale, 2 Rai 3 Ngan 80 Sq.walong the main road , Chiang Mai -Praho. This land is close to vegetable canning&n
Land 6 Rai for sale in San Sai district

Code: 000674
THB 28,000,000
Full Description 6 Rai land for sale in Sansainoi district, closed to Maecow river ,Ruamchoke marget (big fresh local market) , 5 kilometers from Chiang Mai city. Electric, te
Land for sale , Mae Tang district

Code: 000636
THB 3,800,000
Full DescriptionLand for Sale 10 Rai 74 Sq.w or 17,184 Sq.m Located near Mae-Tang Municipality ,near The village, convenient transportation ,It far from Mae Ma Lai market about 500 metres , Te
3 Versatile Lands in Countryside are for Sale

Code: 000596
THB 3,000/a Sq.w.
FULL DESCRIPTION:: 3 versatile lands in countryside are for sale. They can be divided for sale. The first and the second lands, both lands are the area of 411 Sq.w,
Land for SALE in Praow district

Code: 000587
FULL DESCRIPTION:: Located in Praow district, approximately 95 kilometres away from Chiang Mai city, this old village is offering 8 houses, 95 pieces of land, a total of
7 Rai 332 Sq.w. (3132 Sq.w.) Large area of land for sale

Code: 000585
FULL DESCRIPTION:: 7 Rai 332 Sq.w. (3132 Sq.w.) Large area of land for sale. Land area is total. The land is close to the road at both
Land along Ping River for sale

Code: 000583
THB23,000 per a Sq.w.
FULL DESCRIPTION:: Land along Ping River for sale. This Land is on hill, good atmosphere, closed to Ping river 50 meters wide ,Enlarge area almost 1 Rai , Great view mountain front
Land for SALE 2 Rai 303 sqw offered house.

Code: 000368
THB 6,500,500
Property ype: &

Code: 000356
THB 1.5 Million.
Land for SALE!! This land is along a river, Located is in Bann rampoeng, Khi Lek, Aumper Mae Tang, From Chiangmai city take about 40 minutes, drive on Chiang Mai- Fang Road at km 32 and go in the s
Land For Sale

Code: 000345
THB 450,000/ไร่ USD 14,000/rai
Land for sale 50 rai - 100 rai drive from town about 20 minutes on ChiangMai - Donchan road , only 1.5 Km From main roadPrice for sale450,000 baht per sqw.
Land For Sale

Code: 000344
THB 750,000/ไร่ USD $ 23,500/rai
Land for sale 13 rai, drive from town about 20 minutes on ChiangMai - Donchan road , only 1 Km from Siwarai Village. From main road drive go in soi 500 mater. Price for sale 750,000 baht per sqw.&n
Land For Sale

Code: 000331
THB 370,000 USD $ 11500
Cheap land for SALE, land area has 235 sqw, 370,000 baht sqw, Aumper Sansai ChiangMai beautiful view. drive car from town about 30 minutes drive on Chiangmai - maejo road. Suitable for b
Land For Sale

Code: 000330
THB 8 Million USD $ 250,000
Land for sale with a great view, front of land close to the ping river , Aumper sanpatong ChiangMai, land area about 5 rai , drive from town about 30 minutes Price for Sale&nb
Land For Sale

Code: 000329
THB 18 Million USD $ 562,500
Land for Sale along ping river, front of land close to the main road about 30 meter, drive car from down town only 10 minutes drive along ping river go to Padad road. Suitable for apartment , guest
Land For Sale

Code: 000328
THB 2,030,000 USD $ 63,450
Land for SALE. Cheap price, Located is ChiangKarg Village, Near Big C department store donchan, from main road drive go in soi about 100 Meter, Beautiful view, lot of big trees, Land are
Land For Sale

Code: 000327
THB 6,720,000 USD $ 210,000
Land for sale Contact Information - Call Natty at:089-430-8454 /0
Land For Sale

Code: 000325
THB 5 Million USD $ 156,250
Land for sale
Land For Sale

Code: 000323
THB 1.5 Million USD $ 46,875
Land for sale Contact Information – Call Nattyat; 089-430-845
Land For Sale

Code: 000322
THB 15 Million USD $468,750
land for saleContact Information – Call Nattyat; 089-430-8454 /0
Land For Sale

Code: 000321
THB 8 Million USD $
Land for SALE close to the ping river , Aumper Sansai , land area 1,187 sqw, great view with moutain and ping river. Price for Sale 8 Million Baht.&n
Land For Sale

Code: 000314
THB 44 Million USD $ 1,375,000
Land for sale , Located in Mae marai Aumper Mae thang Chiangmai, drive car from Chiangmai about 1 hour on ChiangMai Maerim road drive to Mae thang, 176 rai price for sale 250,000 Baht , great view
Land For Sale

Code: 000271
THB 1,010,000 USD $ 31,562
Land For Sale
Land for SALE surrounded by Nature.

Code: 000254
3.2 Million USD $ 100,000
Land for SALE surrounded by nature in country side.Land area has 4 Rai or 1,600 Sqw or 6,400 Sqm , drive on Canal road take only 15 minutes from the airport and go in soi abou

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